Briere High Performance Group

Want to develop your game like Steve's pro goalies do?

Now you can.

As a registrant of the 2020 Briere Goalie Camp you now have exclusive access to the Briere High Performance Group, Steve's year-round goalie coach and mentoring program.

What is it?

Steve Briere's season long development plan for goalies


Steve Briere's
Goalie Business Plan

This is Steve's personalized Goalie Business Plan for the year, that he uses extensively with his pro goalies. You'll get the full development plan to follow during your season.
On-ice drills and exercises

Introductory Call with Steve Briere
Steve will contact your goalie by phone during in Octoberto introduce the program personally.

Direct Contact with Steve Briere
Steve will provide you with his personal phone number so you can contact him throughout the season for advice, questions, etc.

Video Review by Steve Briere
Submit your game or practice videos online throughout the season for review by Steve.

Weekly Practice Plans and Resources
Every week, we will send you training for the upcoming week. These resources include:
On-ice Drills & Practice Plans
A library of drills for you to take to your coach for practices.
Off-ice & Dryland
Ongoing off-ice and dryland training including stretching & workouts.
Vision Training
Advanced goalie-specific vision training exercises used by NHL goalies.
Mental Strength Training
Learn how build your mind with goalie specific mindset training that sets pro goalies apart from the rest.

Monthly Zoom Meetings with Steve Briere
Meet once a month online with Steve to review and discuss key goalie development concepts. Steve will talk about current goaltending concepts and trends, video from NHL games, and more!